Time is not only at the core of the happiness concept, but also a milestone in our craftsmanship production process. Each candle is individually hand-poured into high-precision molds and allowed to cool for the necessary time to achieve optimal results in terms of engraving cleanliness and design precision. Removed from the mold, the candles are then hand-cut, delicately brushed to eliminate any wax residues, and individually wrapped in special paper to protect the surface from scratches.

Once packaged, they are finally placed in boxes made of colored paper from GF SMITH, sourced from sustainably managed forests (FSC certified), and adorned with embossed screen printing.
Small variations in color and details make each of our candles a unique and joyful expression of Italian craftsmanship.

  • 5,940 unforgettable toasts
  • 99 sparkling Christmas trees
  • 198 idyllic sunsets
  • 1,188 luscious tiramisù
  • 11,880 warming hugs
  • 71,280 electrifying kisses
  • 356,400 mesmerizing smiles
  • 99 divine soaks
  • 33 mouth-watering pizzas with friends
  • 66 thrilling cult movies
  • 1,980 toe-tapping songs
  • 11,880 addictive chocolates
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